About Us

About us.

We are just two guys who went to high-school together. One day we just ran into each other and started talking about how our lives started coming together. One thing led to another and we decided to start Skallagrim.

Now you might be wondering “why Skallagrim” and you can about read that here. What we discussed is in essence very simple. Everything we stand for can be boiled down to a couple of core points.

Firstly, we are firm believers that every single person can be great. Be it multidisciplinary or focus on a single discipline. Greatness doesn’t fall out of the sky, you need to work for it. This all sounds like off-the-shelf cookie-cutter wisdom, but we go the extra mile. Not just the “this is a good idea” type of inspiration, but the “I’m going to do it right now” type. Waiting is wasting.

Secondly, there is the “man-up” issue. In essence it is simply a way of downplaying emotional troubles that men face. It is a fact that males are over-represented in suicide statistics. Some of us reading this are dealing with depression right now. This is a problem, this is not funny.

With a portion of our annual earnings, we support organisations that aid/help men in need

Now you might still be wondering “why watches?” and the answer to that is very simple. Change doesn’t happen tomorrow or in a week, it happens now. Managing your time, spending it wisely is of utmost importance.
It is all represented by the watch.

We could end this with a cheesy inspirational text, but we won’t. Our message is loud and clear.

The time is now.